Natural bug repellents

Summer is such a fun time but some us are not so excited to go outdoors due to fear of mosquito bites. Studies show that your kairomones – the odors your body produces – influence how attractive you are to bugs. The amount of odor and type of smell that you give off is determined mainly by genetics. Other factors that could make you attractive to bugs include how much heat your skin gives off and how much carbon dioxide you exhale.

There are many sprays and bug repellents that promise relief but then I am apprehensive of using products with DEET.  Read on to check out some natural options with essential oils that will keep the bugs away without affecting your health and don’t cost much. You can make them easily at home. Get a spray bottle, some essential oils and dilute them with water and enjoy your summer!

Peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oillavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil and rosemary essential oil are very effective in keeping the bugs away. Use a glass spray bottle as plastic ones seem to degrade the essential oils. To make your own mosquito repellent- 

Add 1/2 part witch hazel with 1/2 distilled water

20 drops of peppermint essential oil

20 drops of lavender essential oil

You could substitute or add tea tree and rosemary oils to the above recipe. They all work equally well. It comes down to personal preferences of smell.

After mosquito/ bug bite -

Add aloe vera gel to witch hazel, half and half ratio

10 drops tea tree essential oil 

10 drops lavender essential oil

Apply topically to the affected area and get a cooling relief.






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