Hair growth with EOs

As we age, a lot of things change with our bodies for example hair.  The rate at which the hair grows slows down, the texture changes as well as the thickness and color too. Oil use for hair dates back to centuries and adding essential oil to the carrier of choice can work wonders. You can choose Argan oil, coconut oil or any carrier oil of your choice and chose maximum of two or three essential oi to mix and make your very own recipe for a hair oil that not only smells good but is also beneficial for your scalp and hair growth. I personally prefer Argan oil as it is an excellent oil for stopping hair loss and even helping to promote new growth by treating the scalp three times a week. Argan oil helps prevent hair loss by ensuring that you don’t lose more follicles than you’re able to grow – when that happens, hair loss becomes noticeable. Multiple studies on the oil’s effect on hair re-growth have found that it can stimulate the scalp due to its rich nutrient content to produce more hair. 

Lavender essential oil

There was a study conducted in 2016 that proved the benefits of lavender essential oil in hair growth of mice. This study was particularly important because it not only showed that 5% lavender essential oil diluted in jojoba oil was just as effective as a 3% minoxidil solution (found in products such as men’s Rogaine) and it was safer too. Lavender essential oil is known to reduce stress and promote cell growth and may be used without dilution. Icing on the cake ( or hair) is the wonderful scent of Lavender especially the ones that MEVEI curates from France.

 Ylang Ylang essential oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil not only has a deep and rich scent but also stimulates the sebaceous glands and acts as a natural conditioner and keeps the scalp moisturized.  

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint oil increases circulation and that helps hair growth and prevent hair falling. Some people have used the oil for hair loss as it improves blood flow. In many instances, hair loss occurs due to starved blood flow to hair follicles. Increasing circulation with a vasodilator like peppermint could potentially improve hair growth and prevent some hair loss. Peppermint menthol also imparts a freshened smell and tingly sensation on the skin and scalp. You can reap these benefits by adding the essential oil to your beauty products.

Teatree essential oil

Teatree oil is generally used to help stop breakouts and acne. However it works great to keep the dandruff away and hence promote good hair health. If dandruff stays too long on the scalp, it then mixed with natural oils of the scalp form a thick cover and clogs pores.

Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot is a great microbial agent and help keeps the scalp clear and clean. Bergamot essential oil inhibits the growth of bacteria—thus, the scalp remains clean, healthy, and absolutely perfect for hair growth. The only thing to take care of while using bergamot is that it can make the scalp more sensitive to sun so better to avoid direct sunlight about 12 hours or so after applying it.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary oil can work wonders if you want to stimulate hair growth. A small study from 2015 found that after using rosemary oil on the scalp for six months, it proved to be as effective as minoxidil (the ingredient found in popular and proven hair growth products). It also has anti-inflammatory and anti fungal properties that help soothe the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.  



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