Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot oil is extracted from the rind  of the bergamot oranges.The complex citrus brilliance is known to produce smiles and elevate moods. The name Bergamot is derived from the city of Bergamo in Lombardy where the oil was first sold, though at present it is mostly produced in the province of Calabria in Italy. Bergamot oil may be used in aromatherapy to cheer up and lighten the mood. Because of its lovely aromatic profile, oil derived from this fruit is a common ingredient in perfumes, skincare products, marmalade and notably, Earl Grey tea. Many studies support its ability to relieve tension and anxiety. Five out of six clinical studies conducted between 2009 to 2013, have found that Bergamot essential oil aromatherapy reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and stress. Bergamot essential oil may also improve negative emotions and fatigue and lower saliva cortisol levels (a hormone often called the body's "stress hormone").

The uses for Bergamot Essential Oil are abundant, ranging from medicinal and odorous to cosmetic. Its many forms include oils, gels, lotions, soaps, shampoos, sprays, and candle making.

Bergamot is one of many essential oils extracted from the outer peel of citrus fruit and differs in its chemical composition and therapeutic properties from other citrus oils. For skin and hair formulations, ensure to use bergapten-free Bergamot oil to prevent any photosensitivity or phototoxic reactions after exposure to the sun.

Diluted with a carrier oil and used topically, Bergamot Oil relieves muscle aches and body pains including headaches and discomforts associated with arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve redness, itching, and swelling. Due to its antiseptic and astringent activities, Bergamot Essential Oil makes an excellent addition to cosmetics that are meant to help achieve glowing and evenly toned skin. As a toner, it cleanses pores and strengthens skin tissues. Blending Bergamot Oil into shampoo and body washes and rubbing it into the scalp and body may strengthen hair, stimulate its growth, and relieve itchiness and irritation on the scalp and skin. When combined with the essential oils of Chamomile and Fennel, this blend can be massaged into the abdominal area to relieve indigestion and gas.

In aromatherapy, Bergamot acts as a natural perfume and a non-toxic air freshener that creates a relaxing atmosphere and deodorizes unpleasant scents. When diffused, its carminative properties offer relief to the digestive system. It can be added to natural homemade scented cosmetics, candles, and soaps. It is known to be beneficial for creating a feeling of being refreshed and renewed, for uplifting negative moods to prevent depression, and for relieving lethargy, nervousness, and insomnia. When Bergamot essential oil is blended into a moisturizer such as a face cream or lotion, it can soothe and promote the faster healing of cuts, acne, psoriasis, and chicken pox.



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