The perfect housewarming gift

It’s hard to put together the perfect housewarming gift these days; food is fun but with all the various special diets out there it can be tricky. For a gift that has many uses, you can’t go wrong with a lovely selection of essential oils. They can be used in the home to freshen the air and they have many health and beauty uses too.

Creating a warm inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your home using essential oils is a nice touch to your house warming that your guests will appreciate.

Before your guests arrive, try burning some luxury essential oils from MEVEI like rosemary, ylang ylang and frankincense that can spike up conversations and uplift everyone. These may be helpful too in clearing any musty smells left by the previous owners of your house or clearing any smells left by cooking.

Frankincense can also help in spiritual house-cleansing to clear previous energies surrounding the home or a particular room and invite peace and clarity of the mind. You can diffuse it in the room or leave it in a bowl in a corner.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is extracted from the tropical Ylang Ylang flower which imparts a rich and sweet scent to the air. Ylang Ylang will not only change the aromatic environment but also will cheer and lift you up as well as your guests.

Rosemary has a distinct and woody scent that keeps insects at bay and can be used as a natural air freshener and as a multi-purpose cleaning spray,



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