College bound students - don't forget to pack these essential oils!

Luxury oils make a perfect, natural and a green must have product or a gift for any college bound student. We suggest the following products but you can choose any other product as well from MEVEI's luxury collection.


The iconic Lavender Essential Oilcalming yet uplifting, is an expression of life and happiness. A smooth and luminous bouquet of sweetness and woods, foster serenity and balance while the classic floral aromas reveal a luxurious sophistication. This prestigious Lavender Population, the finest lavender that nature offers, makes an unforgettable statement of extravagant indulgence and elegance.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is a genuine offering of purity for the body and mind, tea tree restores and cleanses with its upfront effervescent character. This audacious oil seduces the skin and captivates the senses at the same time with its restorative woody and earthy tones. Treat yourself and experience the transformative beauty of Tea Tree oil, coveted the world over.

Silken - a sensual essential oil blend, beautifies the skin by adding a flirty glow. This blend opens on fruity and sweet notes to highlight a femininity that is upfront yet soft. The floral undertones are joyful and grounding, making it the perfect mixture for the confident




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